GSR News

20010828 The server died about 2:00PM AEST 27/8/2001. Looks like disk
corruption. Repaired 9:30AM AEST 28/8/2001

20010903 The server died gain on 01/09/2001. Repaired 03/09/2001

20010916 Removed link to quicktime stream as I won't be running that

20010917 Rebooted server after kernel upgrade

20011007 Restarted streams at about 9:30PM AEST as they were having
problems due to the server running out of resources. Might have to add
more ram

20011024 My provider had an outage on their main international link at
about 10PM AEST for about 20 minutes. The 32 Kbps stream died at the same
time. Once the link came back up I restarted the 32 K stream. Services
restored at about 10:30 AEST

20011029 Streaming died about 6:30AM AEST. Restarted it about 12:30PM

20011029 Upgraded streaming server software at about 6:10PM AEST.

20011031 3:30PM AEST downgraded streaming server software. The newer
version seemed to have a bug where the daemon running the 64 Kbps stream
was unable to properly update the external streaming directory servers
(eg It seems ok now.

20020112 9:00 PM AEST Slightly reconfigured the web server and added a
script to serve up a random image. If you are keen you can see its effect at or

20020123 12:00 PM AEST Noticed a problem where some of the daemons
had trouble talking to an external streaming directory server. I upgraded
the streaming server software which hopefully has corrected the problem.

20020125 Streaming died about 7:00 AM AEST. Restarted it at 10:30 AM

20020201 10:25 AM AEST. Server going down for maintenance. Back up at

20020307 12:10 PM AEST. Outage to upgrade streaming deamon, ram, and
maybe the kernel. Will require reboot.

20020307 1:10 PM AEST. Server back up. Streaming daemon is still not
working optimally so might have to downgrade again later. Plenty of ram
now. Kernel not upgraded as it is reasonably current.

20020528 12:10 PM AEST. Trying out a new streaming daemon

20021125 12:40 PM AEST. After about three months of this server having
stability problems (repeated crashing with long downtimes) I have now
completed a major server reconfiguration so hopefully things will be fine

20030716 11:00 PM AEST. Over then next few days I will be rebuilding this
server with some changed hardware. This is likely to cause some downtime of
the server. I will try to keep the downtime to a minimum.

20040402 3:20 PM AEST. Over the last half year this server has been
experiencing numerous crashes. Despite many changes, this is still
occurring. I will continue to work at improving reliability. Today I
upgraded some of the server software. This upgrade involved changing some
of the stream URLs. Use the links at for the current

20041018 2:00 PM AEST. Changed RAM and hard disk in server. Full rebuild of

20041030 1:30 PM AEST. Changed motherboard, cpu, and ram in server.

20041229 8:00 PM AEST. Upgraded streaming server software.

20050502 9:00 PM AEST. I have been notified by my ISP that they will not be
able to host my streaming server any longer so the end of this week will be
the end of GoonShowRadio for the time being. It has been a good four years
or so and I appreciate them letting me telehouse this server for so long at
no charge. I hope you have enjoyed it. Cheers, Fabcat.

20050506 11:30 AM AEST. Server removed from previous premises.

20050518 11:30 PM AEST. Web server brought back online temporarily at alternate
Premises. Insufficient bandwidth for streaming.

20050628 12:00 PM AEST. Streaming brought back online temporarily at alternate
server. Only enough disk space and bandwidth for the 16 Kbps stream.

20050702 1:20 PM AEST. The streaming server is a bit flaky at the moment. Expect
outages every now and then.

20051206 6:07 PM AEST. Started using a different server for streaming. Stream URL
has changed

20060816 12:22 AM AEST. Upgraded the streaming server software.

20070602 2:18 PM AEST. Upgraded the streaming server software.

20081030 12:43 AM AEST. Started using a different server for streaming. Added
32Kbps and 64Kbps streams to the previous 16Kbps one. Stream URLs have changed.
Use the links at for the current URLs.

20180622 21:43 AM AEST. Started using a different server for streaming.
Stream URLs have changed.
Use the links at for the current URLs.

20201213 19:00 AM AEST. Trial is over. Service has ended. Thank you for your participation.